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How to get rid of wrinkles

We all want to smile and be truly happy when we see ourselves in the mirror on a daily basis. Wrinkles can affect this for many people. Wrinkles mainly happen on the parts of the body that get the most sun exposure, such as the face, neck, and the back of the hands.  Some wrinkles are categorised as fine, surface lines while others, are much deeper.

So why and how do wrinkles form?

Well, there can be many different factors at play:

  • Primarily, wrinkles form as a natural part of the aging process. When we get older, we start to produce less collagen, resulting in the skin becoming thinner and less elastic.
  • The repeated use of our facial muscles, i.e., smiling, raising our eyebrows, and squinting. More expressive people tend to develop deeper wrinkles.
  • Smoking. Nicotine, other chemicals in cigarettes and smoking behaviours can all contribute to wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin. Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow, reducing oxygen flow and nutrients to skin cells, while repetitive squinting and lip pursing contribute to lines around the mouth and eyes.  Heat and un-inhaled smoke can even dry and damage the surface of the skin.
  • Sun damage. As we’ve already mentioned, the more sun you are exposed to, the more likely you are to produce wrinkles.
  • Sometimes our genes are to blame – some families are simply more prone to wrinkles than others.

While many of us do our best to wear sun cream to limit damage, or quit smoking (if applicable), there are simply too many factors that are out of our control when it comes to wrinkles.

If your face doesn’t feel as smooth and fresh as it used to be, fear not. The great news is that you don’t have to live with it any longer!

If you want a natural, more youthful look, anti-wrinkle injections can provide this for you.

The most common age to start anti-wrinkle treatments, tends to be mid-late 20’s, although legally from the age of 18 you are able to have treatment.

What is an anti-wrinkle injection?

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to banish or prevent wrinkles when other contributing factors such as limiting sun exposure are exhausted, uncontrollable, or simply not making a difference. The main two types of anti-wrinkle injections available are:

Botox injections.  These work by relaxing the facial muscles, causing temporary paralysis. This stops the facial muscles from contracting, which results in fine lines being less noticeable.

Two weeks after the injections, you will notice the full effect. It is extremely effective, but the results are not permanent. On average, Botox lasts anything from 3-6 months. After this time, you will need to have further treatment to maintain the results.

Dermal Fillers. These are more often used for deeper wrinkles and folds. They work by plumping the skin to restore fullness.

Like Botox, you will notice the full effect two weeks after the injections and on average you will need to receive treatment again after 6 months – 1 year to maintain the results.

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