How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox is the brand name given to what is scientifically known as botulinum toxin type A. It works by blocking a signal from the nerve to the targeted muscle, preventing the muscle from contracting.  Preventing the contraction of these specific muscles means there is less pull on the skin and with the muscles relax, resulting in smoother, less creased skin. Unfortunately, the wrinkle reduction result from Botox is only temporary. Generally, the results usually last 3-4 months after which time the action of the Botox will wear off and the nerves will again be able to send those signals to the muscles to start working or contracting.

However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are always exceptions, and the effects could last anywhere between 2-6 months. If you are having Botox for the very first time, you may notice that the effects start to ease after two months, but you can expect results to last longer with repeated applications. Of course, we also offer Botox as a preventative treatment, as most creases are formed over time, due to repetitive muscle movements and facial expressions. In this instance, we use Botox, so the muscles do not contract as strenuously, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles. Used to this effect, Botox can be administered every 6-12 months.

After the 3-to-4-month period you will experience a gradual fading of the results. If you have had Botox in various different areas, you may notice that the results in certain areas fade quicker than in others. If this is the case, there can be many reasons for this including where the Botox was injected, the dosage, the size and depth of wrinkles, and your body’s own individual process. For example, the areas of your face that are thinner or areas where you utilise the muscles more often will generally wear off quicker.

Thankfully the fading of the effects is indeed gentle: This means you will not wake up one the morning with the sudden re-appearance of wrinkles, it will happen gradually. There are techniques to improve the longevity of your Botox treatments.  Here are our aftercare top tips:

  • Avoid any of the following: strenuous exercise for 24 hours, massaging or rubbing the targeted sites, sleeping directly afterwards and excessive alcohol consumption.
  • It is important to stay hydrated.
  • Apply arnica cream to reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Book a follow-up appointment for two weeks after your treatment.
  • Get in the habit of wearing a cream containing (at least) SPF15 every day to protect your skin from the creases that Botox cannot reverse. It is also helpful to have injections before your previous treatment has entirely worn off. This will help with the continuity of the relaxed muscles and keep those wrinkles at bay!

As always, if you have any other questions regarding the duration of Botox, do not hesitate to contact us!