Botox for Men | Back-to-work Botox

The need to meet virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic had many of us noticing a few extra wrinkles and lines on our faces that would have otherwise likely gone unnoticed. Coupled with the anxiety and worry of the uncertain time we find ourselves in, it appears that a trend for ‘back to work Botox’, particularly in men, is starting to flourish. As the nation begins to slowly return to the workplace, it seems that lots of men are now feeling the pressure to look their best resulting in a rise in the number of men booking anti-ageing procedures, especially Botox.

Harley Street Plastic Surgeon, Dr Aoife Turner, reported recently on ITV’s This Morning that she has seen her male client list grow considerably:

“I would say it’s a trend that I’ve been noticing over the past number of years but especially since the beginning of the pandemic, and especially in the last six months I’m seeing much more men coming through the door. I would say it’s grown in the last 18 months by about a third.  Maybe 5 years ago about 1 out of every ten patients would have been a male patient and now maybe three or four out of every ten patients. It’s a sizeable growth within a very short time frame and it is a really interesting trend to observe”.

When asked what sort of age group the men at her clinic fell into, she added “it varies completely depending on what type of treatment we’re talking about. Botox for example, it is men in their late thirties – they start to think about it, up until their 40s, 50s and 60s. Other treatments I’m getting a lot of males coming through the door to see me for their upper and lower eyelids. They are spending a lot of time on Zoom, and they are coming in saying ‘I feel tired’, ‘I’m looking a bit saggy here and there’, ‘I’m feeling myself, what can I do?’ and those men will tend to be from late 40s onwards even into retiring age, late 60s and even early 70s”.

Here at Gentle Facial Aesthetics, we have also seen a rise in the number of male patients visiting the clinic in recent months from all walks of life and not just from professions where Botox is considered more commonplace, such as the media and theatrical industries. We have patients from all professions including lorry drivers and bricklayers to lawyers and business tycoons!

We feel social media has also greatly impacted the increased demand for procedures such as Botox, in both good and bad ways. For some, the need for perfection is the driver, but for others, particularly men, social media has become a valuable information source whereby they will want to look like a certain person they follow on Instagram and witnessing how effective, non-invasive and easy it is to achieve, they want to replicate it for themselves. Social channels provide them with the information they need in order to achieve a certain look. Botox is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is completely affordable – another huge contributing factor that has encouraged more and more men to take the plunge.

Botox is definitely a treatment that is here to stay. It is becoming more commonplace in helping people boost their self confidence and achieve the look they want. If you are considering Botox, contact the Gentle Facial Aesthetics team based in Croydon today. We’d love to chat.