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Botox Anti-Wrinkle Injections In Sevenoaks

Do you have wrinkles around your mouth or fine lines on your face? Anti-wrinkle products make it possible to stay young. Wrinkles on our faces occur naturally over time, becoming more prominent as we age. Facial muscles contract, causing wrinkles in the skin. By injecting Botox into wrinkles, new wrinkles will not develop as quickly, and wrinkles will appear less prominent. A common use of Botox is to restore a youthful look. At our clinic, we offer facial aesthetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. With our reputation for professionalism, kindness, and integrity, we have gained a lot of respect over the years. Would you like to learn how you can improve your skin if you live in Sevenoaks? Contact our team today! There are a variety of treatments available for wrinkles depending on where they are located.

What Is Botox And How Does It Work?

Injections of botulinum toxin are effective in treating wrinkles. You can choose the best approach for your needs if you understand the differences between the different treatments available. By blocking the release of nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, botulinum toxin (Botox®) inhibits the action of neurons. Nerve receptors are targeted without causing any unwanted side effects so that you can carry on with your daily routine. A Botox injection can benefit men and women alike. Early treatment of wrinkles can prevent deep wrinkles from developing. Cosmetic procedures that don’t require surgery have several advantages. As well as being convenient, fast, and providing immediate results, the service is also affordable. A non-invasive treatment for ageing is preferred for its predictability. Contact our office based near Sevenoaks today to learn more about Botox treatments!

You can significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines with Botox. Non-invasive wrinkle treatments are available to our patients. Botox has been documented to have thousands of benefits since it was discovered 20 years ago. It usually takes 3 to 4 months for Botox to take effect. Muscles that have been injected with Botox don’t immediately contract and give the youthful appearance our patients want. If the muscle restores completely, its original appearance will be brought about. At least once per year, most patients undergo maintenance treatments that we also offer. By repeating the process, you will prolong the youthfulness of your skin. Book your first appointment with our clinic near Sevenoaks today!

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Is Botox safe?

When administered by a dermatologist, Botox can be safe. Throughout the years, we’ve earned a reputation for being a trustworthy health care provider. When skin care is performed under anaesthetic, pain is eliminated. Botox patients must see a specialist before they undergo the procedure. We will do everything in our power to ensure you will have a comfortable first time visit. You will be offered a free follow-up appointment following your first Botox treatment, such as recommending a suitable dosage. You needn’t be concerned about Botox! Botox and dermal fillers are safe and effective options available to those in Sevenoaks seeking treatment and a more youthful appearance overall.

Is Botox right for you?

Our clinic near Sevenoaks offers Botox® treatments for those who are:

  • Worry lines and crow’s feet may appear around your eyes
  • Frown lines appear between your brows to varying degrees
  • Makeup accumulates in the bars and creases on your face
  • When your eyebrows droop, it bothers you
  • On your upper lip and chin, there is a line

A person’s health often impacts the condition of their skin, however, it is not always possible to maintain a youthful look despite being healthy. You will experience wrinkles and fatigue as you age and it is perfectly normal if your face is the first place where wrinkles appear instead of elsewhere on the body. Botox is used to prevent wrinkles from developing in individuals of all ages. Low doses are important for both prevention and treatment and should be maintained over time. The rejuvenating effect of Botox can be achieved by getting it every three to four months. Additionally, Botox smoothes lines around the upper lip and lifts sagging eyebrows as just two examples of how it works to change the appearance of the face.


Why You Should Choose Gentle Facial Aesthetics For Your Botox Treatment

The fine lines and wrinkles on your face can diminish the look of your face. As facial aestheticians, we understand that. The local anaesthetics we frequently use to numb teeth have been administered gently by us over the years. We have been using Botox and dermal fillers in our practice successfully for over a decade. Botox injections are usually not painful because fine needles are used. In order to minimize side effects, first-time Botox patients tend to receive a fewer number of injections. Review appointments are provided free of charge every two weeks. After a few treatments, we know what dosage is right, so treatment is predictable. Gentle Facial Aesthetics allows you to achieve any skin goal you want. At our skin care clinic near Sevenoaks, we are dedicated to providing clients with the best skin care treatments.

How Long Does Botox Last?

In general, Botox’s effects last between three and four months. Reduction of inactivity will result in muscle strength returning. As soon as the muscles are fully recovered, the skin will appear normal again. For a patient to maintain their results, their appointment needs to be renewed periodically throughout the year. Correctly performing this treatment will result in younger-looking skin. In addition to Botox treatment, we also provide other dermatological services near Eltham. When it comes to Botox, our experience can help us recommend another appointment if you have not made one yet. Gentle Facial Aesthetics’ Botox treatments typically last between three and four months. A deeper wrinkle or line on your face may necessitate you scheduling your next appointment sooner. Depending on your situation, our consultants determine the frequency of treatment. After just one session, you’ll feel and look younger!

How To Get To Our Botox Clinic From Sevenoaks

It takes around 45 minutes via bus or taxi to reach our clinic from the Sevenoaks area. Take A224 to London Rd/A25 in Riverhead, then at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto London Rd/A25. Follow A224 to Sevenoaks Rd/A21 in Chelsfield and then at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Polhill/A224. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Orpington By-Pass/A224. Follow A21 and A232 to Shirley Rd/A215 in Croydon and continue to the Avenue. Via train, it takes 1 hour to reach our clinic from Sevenoaks when you take the Southeastern line from London Charing Cross to Orpington. You’ll then need to walk to take the 353 bus from Forestdale and ride for 23 stops to Shirley Park.

Are You Ready To Book Your Botox Treatment?

Please fill out this form to schedule a Botox appointment with us if you live in Sevenoaks. Include your name, email address, telephone number, and a short message. You can reach our reception team by calling 020 3925 3840.

Botox Prices In Sevenoaks


By providing Botox information here, you can avoid time-consuming comparisons of options in the Sevenoaks area. Our fees are comparable to those at other clinics in London. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services, pricing, or how to get in touch.

1 Area – £140
2 Areas – £180
3 Areas – £220

Welcoming New Patients From Sevenoaks

Gentle Facial Aesthetics welcomes new patients from the Sevenoaks area regularly. We treat all of your accounts equally, whether you are a repeat customer or a new one. If you are interested in Botox for facial wrinkles or preventing ageing, we will provide you with the necessary information. We provide our patients with the best skin care products and Botox treatments, and we devote ourselves to them. With our help, you’ll look and feel younger!

Botox Aftercare

For the best results, follow your doctor’s instructions after the treatment at our clinic near Sevenoaks. We can only offer advice based on the procedure you had, but here are a few tips:

  • Exercise should be avoided for 24 hours after a treatment
  • The treated area should not be touched or massaged for at least four hours after the treatment
  • Alcohol consumption should be limited the night before your procedure. You should only consume what you need if you need it.
  • When you wake up, don’t sleep on your face for the first four hours.

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