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Botox Anti-Wrinkle Injections In Caterham

Are you concerned with wrinkles and fine lines? A wrinkle-fighting product that is safe and predictable can restore your youth. As a result of frequent facial expressions, wrinkles appear on the skin. In time, these will become deeper and more pronounced. When facial muscles contract, the skin folds, providing wrinkles with the appearance they have. With our Botox treatments, you can treat existing wrinkles so that they appear less visible, and you can also slow down the forming of new wrinkles. Many people choose to undergo Botox to bring about a more youthful look noticeable right after the first treatment. We’re a leading facial aesthetic clinic in the Caterham area specialising in Botox and derma filler treatments. Our clients trust us based on our professionalism, gentle approach, and reputation, which has been built over the years. Why not contact our team today to take the first step to transform your skin for the better? We’d be happy to advise which type of treatment will work best for your goals based on where wrinkles are most prominent.

What Is Botox And How Does It Work?

Wrinkles are usually treated with botulinum toxin injections. Azzalure is a similar procedure to Botox®, but it’s a little bit more expensive. You can determine what treatment option is most appropriate for you if you understand the differences. Botulinum toxin (Botox®) prevents contraction of the muscles when the nerves transmit signals. When you target nerve receptors, you’ll have the freedom to carry on with your daily life without worrying about unwanted side effects. Botox is an ideal solution for wrinkles for anyone, whether you are male or female. Although it is possible to receive treatment during retirement, getting treated earlier in life is also beneficial. It is possible to prevent deep wrinkles by addressing wrinkles early on. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as this one usually come with a list of advantages. Besides being quick and providing instant results, it is also convenient. People prefer this non-invasive treatment for ageing because they can predict the results.

Caterham residents who are considering Botox may find our clinic to be one of the best providers available. We welcome many new patients looking to treat wrinkles without invasive procedures. Botox has been known for almost 20 years and is safe. Thousands of people have benefited from it. Botox usually has a three- to four-month duration. After a few weeks, muscles begin to contract again. When the muscles are completely recovered, the skin will revert to its original appearance. Patients return year after year for maintenance of their results. The more frequently you do the procedure, the more effective it will be, as your skin will look more youthful for more extended periods. Get in touch with our clinic today to schedule an initial appointment. The procedure can be described to you thoroughly before it takes place, and we can provide you with tips on how to get the best results from the procedure.

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Is Botox safe?

If performed by experts in skin aesthetics, Botox is a safe procedure. As a result of our many years of experience have built up a reputation as a trusted treatment provider. The process of doing skincare is entirely painless, thanks to a gentle local anaesthetic. Each new patient who wishes to have Botox treatments for wrinkles or fine lines receives a consultation. If you are a first-time patient, we will do everything in our power to make sure that the entire procedure is comfortable for you. For those who receive Botox for the first time at our clinic near Caterham, our professionals offer free follow-up appointments, such as advising you on the appropriate dosage for you. Botox is safe – don’t worry! You can rely on us for safe, effective Botox and dermal filler treatments.

Is Botox right for you?

At our clinic, Botox® treatment would be best for you if you’re one of the following:

  • Around your eyes, you may see worry lines or crow’s feet
  • You have moderate to severe frown lines between your brows
  • There is makeup accumulating in the creases and lines on your face
  • When your eyebrows droop, it bothers you
  • Your upper lip is creased

We age in different ways depending on our lifestyles and looks as the years’ pass. The good news is that you won’t have to concern yourself with wrinkles and fatigue accompanying ageing. Wrinkles may appear on the face earlier than on other parts. Even younger people can benefit from Botox as a preventative measure against creases and wrinkles. Furthermore, preventative treatments need lower doses. A Botox treatment every 3-4 months will make you look more youthful. Also, Botox is effective for smoothing wrinkles around the upper lip and lifting sagging eyebrows.


Why You Should Choose Gentle Facial Aesthetics For Your Botox Treatment

Since we are facial aestheticians, we are aware of how fine lines and wrinkles can affect the appearance of your face. As a dentist practice too, we regularly inject local anesthesia to numb teeth, so we can guarantee a painless appointment. Botox and dermal fillers have been in our practice for over 10 years and as such we know that they work. The needles used for Botox injections are usually fine, so they won’t cause any discomfort. When Botox is administered to a new patient, the dose will usually be lower to avoid side effects. A complimentary review appointment is scheduled after two weeks for top-ups. In the first few treatments, we get a feel for the dosage, so the treatment is highly predictable. Gently Facial Aesthetics will help you meet your skin goals. Every one of our clients receives the highest level of care when it comes to their skin!

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox’s effects, for the most part, are temporary and last for three to four months. Once the muscle activity has been reduced, it will eventually resume its previous level. Upon complete recovery of the muscles, the skin will regain its normal appearance. Renewals of appointments are standard throughout the year for patients who want to keep their results. You will see younger-looking skin if you use the treatment correctly. Whether you need Botox treatment or some other skin care treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our skin care specialists. In addition, we can make recommendations about when you should book another Botox appointment based on our experience. Gentle Facial Aesthetics’ Botox treatments usually last for three to four months. For those with profound wrinkles and lines on their faces, you may want to schedule your next appointment sooner. Similarly, our consultants can determine the frequency of treatment required to ensure the desired results. Within one session, you’ll look and feel more youthful!

How To Get To Our Botox Clinic From Caterham

It takes around 25 minutes to travel to our clinic in Croydon from Caterham via car or taxi. You will need to Head east on Harestone Valley Rd towards Harestone Valley Road, then Take Croydon Rd, B269 and A2022 to Shirley Hills Rd in Croydon and Continue on Shirley Hills Rd to Shirley Rd/A232 before you’ll reach our clinic. From Westway, you can take a bus to Gentle Facial Aesthetics; you will need to catch the 466 bus and ride for 42 stops. The journey will take around 50 minutes in total.

Are You Ready To Book Your Botox Treatment?

Please complete the form below to book a Botox appointment with us at Gentle Facial Aesthetics. You will need to provide your name, email address, telephone number, and a brief message. For more information, please call our reception team at 020 3925 3840.

Botox Prices In Caterham


We’ve compiled everything you need to know about pricing for Botox treatments, so you don’t have to worry. As a high-quality clinic in London, our fees are comparable to those at other clinics. Our clinic is always open to new clients, and we can answer any questions you may have regarding our services, pricing, or how to contact us. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your skin goals, whether you are getting your first Botox treatment or topping up your existing Botox treatment.

1 Area – £140
2 Areas – £180
3 Areas – £220

Welcoming New Patients From Caterham

Gentle Facial Aesthetics accepts new patients regularly at the Gentle Facial Aesthetics clinic. Each client is treated with the same care and professionalism, whether they are repeat customers or new clients. If you consider Botox to prevent ageing or treat fine lines, our team will consult with you accordingly. Patients receive the best skin care products and Botox treatments from our clinic, and we dedicate ourselves to them all the way. Let us help you reach improved health and radiance!

Botox Aftercare

You must follow your doctor’s advice after Botox treatment to minimise the chances of side effects. The advice we provide generally depends on what procedure you had, but a few tips are:

  • Exercise should be avoided for 24 hours following a treatment
  • During the first 4 hours after treatment, it is not advisable to touch or massage the treated area
  • The night before your procedure, you should avoid drinking alcohol. If necessary, limit your consumption

 Avoid sleeping on your face for at least four hours

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